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While , we started off as a product company and we believe in innovating over the last 10 years we have successfully developed and launched three products namely Contaque CCS, Contaque UCS, Contaque NGUCC. But over the time we have realized that Customized Software Development is equally important for our clients as well as market place , hence we started diversifying from 2012 onwards into software services & customized software solutions for our clients globally. Over the last few years , we have worked for many projects in different platforms like CMS – Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, Custom Development Projects- PHP, Java, C, C++ , Mobile Application Development for Android and I phones & very complex projects on DOT NET Technologies.

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Contaque NGUCC, a Unified Solution to take care of all channels of communication like Voice Calls. The latest version comes up with a web based Agent exe and a CRM builder to create your own CRM.
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